Thursday, July 18, 2013

We are getting so close

I am encouraging comments anyone has about how to piece this together, what you would change in the layout, etc.  Looking for some good ideas.  Talk to me people, help me out.

The sisters' quilt has been in process now for quite awhile.  All the squares (4x4 and 12x12 and 8x8 are finished) Some of the 2x2 squares remain to be done because Jane has been lagging behind in that area.

Janet recently mailed her completed portion to Jane and this is what we have:

Janet's bag (left) and Jane's bag (right)

Janet's work

Jane's Work

The next step is to put them together in a pleasing way.  The afghan is supposed to be 9 squares wide and 12 squares long. There will be a border of small squares all around and then the trim of solid colors for the edging.  The center square is made by Jane and each of the sisters made two 8x8 squares.

Jane's Center Square

First pass at a layout

With the edging of little squares around the outside.
We are in need of about 17 paprika squares and 15 yellow ones to finish up.
Janet surprised Jane with a little tag to
commemorate the year this was made.
SUCH a cool idea.

The corners consist of tiny squares.

General layout right now. Need to rearrange for colors of 4x4 squares
but this gives a general idea of what we could have.


  1. Forget getting the kids ready for school, I'm ready to see how this turns out. What color are you using to put it all together?

  2. I'm using the paprika color to hook it together, then after the pieces are all together I'm going to do some rounds around it in the different colors to tie it all together. Yes, I agree, the kids should wait while I work on this :)

  3. Joy - we are finished. See latest post.